Xkuty One Performance

A las bicis les gustaría ser así. A las motos, también.

All bikes should be like this.
Motorbikes too.

It is like going on a bike, but no sweat. Or as mounted on a moped, but without emitting noise or constant smoke. Xkuty is a new cycle.
A new way of moving.

Es sostenible.Por partida doble.

It’s sustainable.
In two ways.

In addition to contributing to the cleaning of the environment, eliminating your dependence on fossil fuels you get that sustainability will also reach your portfolio.

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Xkuty loves iphone

Xkuty Loves iPhone.
And vice versa.

You already control thousand aspects of your life through your iPhone. Why not also your Xkuty? An exclusive app for your phone acts as a control hub from which you'll get all the precise information required to run your Xkuty giving you the opportunity to modify all the XKuty main parameters ... A real iBike!

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Iphone APP

Te lleva. La llevas.

It takes you. You take it.

We have designed Xkuty to make you easy to move with her, even when not turned on. Thanks to its combination of aluminum and composites only weighs between 42 Kg and 46 kg, depending on its configuration. Much less than any moped. So you can handle it just as you like.

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Es una bici, pero no busques los pedales

It’s a bike.
But don’t look for the pedals.

In Xkuty, we have decided to keep only the good bikes. As freedom of movement, respect for the environment, or the greater connection with the environment. So forget the sweat, grease and chains.

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Tienes diez dedos en las manos. Pero te sobrarán nueve.

You have ten fingers.
But that’s nine too many.

You will only need one to turn on your Xkuty. Pressing the single button you'll find on your chassis or even from your iPhone, you're ready to get you going in a matter of seconds.

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La carga no es una carga.

Charging is not a problem.

Only will take you 3 hours to recharge your Xkuty using any standard plug, and with our extra larger battery, you will get an approximate range of 100 km.



There’s only one Xkuty.
But it’s just what you want.

Because you can customize it to your liking, choosing the colour of many of its parts. There are more than 60 different combinations!.

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